Contenders Athletic Club


November 17th, 2023

In the prospect of always being about community at Contenders, we love to throw a good event to get our members and staff together.

In our latest event we threw yesterday, we had our squash director Andrew Lynn and squash member Jade Carter teach a complimentary squash class for our boxing members, creating an exceptional opportunity for diverse sporting interests to converge. In efforts to keep camaraderie flowing we also hosted a social hour afterwards with free drinks provided by the club.

It may be a surprise to learn that boxing and squash actually have a lot of crossover, and our very own Kevin Reynolds (former #1 cruiserweight in Canada) who is our owner and boxing coach is also an avid squash player.

Both sports are about lasting the long game, and requires a slow but steady approach before going in for the kill. The tactical approach you use is incredibly important to come out on top, and where you hit (whether opponent or wall) can be a make or break. In either type of match your opponent is making you chase your target, and you’ll need to be quick on your feet. By doing the respective sport one can strengthen their footwork, thinking approaches, and increase wrist and shoulder strengths. 

Moreover, it’s fascinating to note that both boxing and squash rank among the most calorie-intensive activities.