Contenders Athletic Club


December 5th, 2023

We have a good group of Irish folks at our gym, and on November 30th we gifted a Free 1 month club pass as a raffle prize at the ICCVan’s Christmas Social which our member Mike Murphy is president of. We also got an exclusive invitation to the event and discounted tickets for our whole membership base regardless if they have Irish heritage or not. 

Again and again, we reinstate at our gym that we are about community both inside and outside of the gym and it makes us proud to have a membership base that helps us grow the community. The ICCVan is welcoming to members no matter where they come from or where their heritage lies, and it’s a testament to Mike’s involvement in our gym community. Our members know Mike’s character and knew they would be welcomed at the event regardless of background.

And we were welcomed. One of the biggest highlights of the night was when one of our young boxers got into conversation with a guy 15 years his senior, and found out they had the same exact shoulder surgery, but just 15 or so years apart, but his words were needed for our young boxer who will now be all that more serious about doing his daily physio to be the best boxer he can be.