Contenders Athletic Club


March 4th, 2024

Jasper Peloquin had his most challenging fight this past weekend as he represented Contenders fight team at Savard Boxings Fight Night. He went toe to toe with ‘Iain Small’- a great guy by the way who bonded with Jasper at the beginning about how hard it was getting parking. That doesn’t mean he went easy in the ring though and was quick to catch Jasper of guard and knocked him down HARD right out of the gate.

This was a big shock being that Jasper isn’t one to get knocked down and has beat all his last opponents in the past few years. He has strength in the fact he is both big and quick, although maybe this time it wouldn’t be enough, maybe this time he wasn’t at the same level as his opponent. It appeared the fight was over as quickly as it begun.

 Until Jasper, being the true Contender he is brought himself back to his feet. The crowds agreed it was only the sort of thing you ever see on TV or in movies …and definitely not at an amateur fight, especially after such a knock out.

Jasper proved it was an unlucky first shot (for him) and there had been no technical slip ups on his part (as the tapes later showed), just a very good shot by his opponent. Throughout the rounds Jasper exercised his skills, got a good read on his opponent and proved he hadn’t been at a disadvantage after all. Jasper utilized his insane cardio, long reach, and technical understanding of the sport and by the end he was pummeling Iain. 

The result? A unanimous win from Jasper!