Contenders Athletic Club


July 3rd, 2024

Cutting weight before a fight can be a difficult one. You want to continue exercising, maintain your energy and remain in fighting condition while going below your average weight.

SWEAT/SAUNA SUITS: This is a great way to continue working out and maintain strength training without worrying too much about adding on weight. A sweatsuit will also improve your cardio as an added bonus. Our personal recommendation for a sweatsuit brand is Boxraw. Fighters at Contenders have been known to sleep in them.

  • SAUNA: Expanding on the sweat the calories out theory, you can maximize your post workout by going to the sauna or taking a hot bath – whichever is available to you.

DIET: Start by cutting out processed sugars, fizzy drinks and salt. Continue to eat the daily requirement for protein but never go over the recommended limit. Incorporate vitamins into your diet if you haven’t already to meet daily nutrition goals but cut down on eating as much-particularly carbs, while still navigating a well balanced diet. This can be done in the form of calorie deficient, blending a high level of fruits and vegetables into liquids, intermittent fasting etc. Of course, there’s many ways you can go about diet and there’s no one right way. For most it takes some trial and error to find what works and eventually like most seasoned fighters you will have a regular diet to stick to in these times.

Note: When it comes to water (which makes up roughly 60% of our bodies), restricting it will cause you to lose weight FAST. However, it’s important to remember speed doesn’t equate to being the best for you long term. Water is also what keeps us energized, absorbs oxygen for longer workouts, and keeps our muscles in tune. Lack of water (especially in high endurance athletes) can lead to muscle cramping, elevated heart rate, and dizziness. Therefore, keep to cutting out water as a last resort.

SAFETY: As with everyone, your body is unique and you may find it’s easier or harder for you to cut weight, so adjust your plan accordingly and most importantly DON’T DO ANYTHING TO PUT YOU IN EXTREME DANGER. No fight is worth it, and fighters (Leonardo Souza) have even died from trying to alter their weight too quickly. There is also a higher risk for medical complications due to being more susceptible to concussions for unsafely losing weight.