Contenders Athletic Club


October 11th, 2023

Things are picking up in the club and we are well into the groove of things with the biggest changes right now happening on the squash front.

The squash members have steadily been going up in numbers since we brought the  addition of squash to our club, and it’s only fair we expand their offerings. In the past month we started a team that plays against other clubs, and have an in house box league for members to compete with others at their level. 

Our latest addition introduces us to a a new coach, Andrew Mount. Mount is a certified club coach and has coaching experience coming from the collegiate level in Canada and the US, and has worked with team-based coaching at the international level. 

Mount is introducing 3 different ongoing squash courses to our club. Each course operates for a period of 5 weeks. The classes are as follows:


Whether you’re interested in squash for fun & fitness or eventually for competitive play, this is the perfect place to start. You will learn the fundamentals of the game of squash.

  • Rules and scoring

  • Court safety

  • Solo drills and ball control

  • Racquet maneuvering, forehand and backhand

  • Game play


The main feature of this course is to learn the core plays of squash to manage your rallies. Add consistency to your game through repetitions of sequencing your setup and movement to each ball. Recently completed Introduction to squash, or relevant hand eye coordination experience is a good pre-requisite.  

  • Core plays of squash 

  • Racquet maneuvering and movement to attack and defend

  • Serve/Return routines


Learn the fundamental skills of squash using a non-competitive approach. Here you will learn to sustain rallies with controlled, intentional shots.

  • Ball awareness, timing and coordination

  • Racquet maneuvering, forehand and backhand

  • Footwork and movement

  • Collaborative rally-based games